It seems like only last week that we had over seventeen GOP Candidates vying to become the next President of the United States.  Now we're down to Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich.  Somehow I think the fireworks have just begun and here are ten reasons why you should join us this Thursday Night at Angell's Bar and Grill.

1.  Our GOP Debate watch parties are fun and exciting.  Who wants to watch the debate at home when you can hang out with like minded patriots.

2.  The food at Angell's, more on that in a minute, check out the photo above if you need further proof.

3.  You'll get a chance to vote with your stomach as well as your intellect.  The staff at Angell's has prepared a special 'presidential' menu at only 9.99 each.

4.  If your a fan of Marco Rubio, there's the Rubio Ruben.  A great Cuban Tradition.

5.  Donald Trump is leading the race.  Why not enjoy the Trump Taco Trio: buy two and get one free.

6.  Ted Cruz is fired up and so is the Cruz Crew.  How about the Cruz Club Sandwich: an All American Sandwich.

7.  How about the Hillary Clinton fans?  Clinton supporters can enjoy the Clinton 100% Kobe Beef Burger "Guaranteed" : Made with 100% Vegetarian Garden Burger.

8. Bernie Sanders maybe down, but he's not out.  Bernie Backers can enjoy the Sanders Socialist Slider: 100% Pulled Pork.

9. John Kasich is the Governor of Ohio and he's staying in the race for the White House.  Kasich fans can enjoy the Kasich Kobe Sliders:  This really is American Kobe Beef.

10.  It's going to be fun and the food is awesome.  See the photo above more details.