You should join Kevin Miller this Wednesday Night at Mickey Ray's for the GOP Debate Watch Party from 6pm-9pm. Here's why.  Finally the GOP is back on television and this time CNBC will be hosting the festivities.  Here are ten reasons why you should join us:

1. Donald Trump is now attacking Ben Carson.  Certainly we will see a clash of cultures as the Hyperbolic Trump takes on the Humble Carson.

2. Does Jeb Bush matter anymore?  He's fired staff members and cut his massive budget.  Those aren't good signs for the 'eventual' GOP Nominee.

3.  Mickey Ray's great food and barbecue. (Come on,we had to mention the food!)

4.  What happened to Carly Fiorina?  At one time she was number two to Trump.  We'll see if another debate performance can pump up her campaign.

5.  Will Ted Cruz have a breakout moment?  He's the most conservative member of the Senate.  Can he get a word in without attacking Trump?

6.  The disastrous Democratic debate with Hillary, Bernie and it doesn't matter.  After watching that debacle, bring back the GOP!

7. Will Marco Rubio continue his recent post debate rave revues?  The Florida Senator has been known to steal a moment or two.  Will his trend continue in Boulder?

8.  A local night out to talk politics.  Social Media is great, but nothing beats a conversation after watching two hours of politics.  Join us after the debate as we go live for an hour hearing your takes on the debate.

9.  Let's see Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and you know...all the others!

10. What else is there to do on Wednesday Night at 6pm?  Join us!