Kevin and Jeff Monosso from Fox News Radio take a look at the new digital currency bitcoin that is being introduced in ATMs across America.  Kevin shares a tense interview between Jonathan Carl of ABC News and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney over Bowe Bergdahl.


Kevin is joined by Alma the antifracker discussing fracking in Canyon County.  Alma explains the dangerous of fracking on the environment.  She tells the folks to inspect their foundations before fracking begins in their area.


Senator Fred Martin checks in with Kevin discussing the senate's gun vote yesterday.  The senator expanded on the educational opportunities for Idaho High School graduates and urged folks to become involved with their schools.  Kevin reexamines the minimum wage issue in Idaho.


Kevin addresses the issue of raising the minimum wage.  The New York Times profiled an Idaho teen who works in Ontario because she makes more money.  Kevin took a look at the senate passing campus carry yesterday.  Several folks called in on both topics.


Kevin gets an update from Emily Wither of Fox Newsradio from Jerusalem.  Emily breaks down the latest in the Iranian nuclear talks.  Kevin updates everyone about the protest last night in Filer concerning public outrage over the dog shooting.


Kevin details the latest in the Bowe Bergdahl story and takes shots at senators who might derail the process of Bowe's return.  He takes a look at the national coverage and urges folks to pray for the Bergdahls and for Bowe's return.


Kevin and Dave take a look at the unrest in the Ukraine.  Dave insists this is big news while Kevin wonders what happened to our foreign policy.  The rainy weather is discussed along with the prospects of more voter turnout in the upcoming elections.