Idahoan Sabrina Corgatelli explains her love of hunting.  The Idaho Huntress told the Today Show that she did nothing wrong and doesn't expect everyone to agree with her.  She stated that her critics do not understand that there is a 'connection' between the hunter and the hunted.  She and her companion Aaron Neilson were interviewed by Carson Daily via Face time from South Africa.

Ian Hitchcock / Getty Images

The Idaho Resident confirmed that she did nothing wrong and agreed that if Dr. Walter, the dentist that killed Cecil, should be prosecuted for breaking the law.  During the interview, she was asked about reaction from her employer Idaho State University.  Ms. Corgatelli replied, "How can you fault someone for their hobbies?  How can an employer chastise you for something you've done on your own personal time?"

The response to this story has generated several false and misleading Sabrina Corgatelli Facebook Pages.  No word yet on when she'll return from South Africa.