Boise's Newest Urban Apartment Community Opens Next Week
There's a big block party coming up next week to celebrate the Grand Opening of that pretty new apartment community in Boise called The Fowler. These cool new pads have been in the works for a long time, and it's almost time to move in. So how much is the rent?
Friday 04/20/18 – Kevin Miller Show
Kevin Miller reports on the the high cost of higher education in the state of Idaho.  Several listeners called in questioning the value of college.  Kevin Miller switches topics to look at the James Comey memos that most people are talking about on the air...
New ‘Infinity War’ Clip Brings on the Black Order
Thanos is undeniably the most formidable opponent the Avengers have ever faced, and while Josh Brolin’s big angry purple space titan could easily take on Marvel’s mightiest heroes all by himself, that wouldn’t exactly be much fun — would it? Enter the Black Order, aka the…

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