With a Republican shift in Congress, some leaders in Washington, D.C., Idaho’s delegation are hoping that this could slow the phase-out of the A-10 aircraft at Gowen Field.
The decision to defund the A-10 program left many here at Gowen Field in Boise feeling uneasy. The aircraft will go away, but there have been concerns that getting rid of them now might be premature.
In a press release, Idaho Sen. Jim Risch said, "There are a lot of us that would like to see the retirement of the A-10 slowed down some." Risch also said that slowdown could be easier than anticipated because of results from the general election.
"The fact that the Republicans have taken over in the Senate bodes well for what we are talking about here," said Risch. "It has been the Republicans, and some influential Republicans, that have been involved in trying to slow this down."
Although he says it is not a partisan issue, Arizona Senator John McCain says the Air Force won't be able to retire the A-10s ground attack jet now that he's in line to become chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Risch said he was cautiously optimistic with this scenario. He and others will try to slow down the process and they will continue to press their view.