This is not a movie or a work of fiction.  Perhaps one day John Grisham will write a story of the case of Alma the Anti-fracker.  Alma Hasse is still being held in jail in Payette County.  Her crime?  Speaking out during a public meeting.  She continues her hunger strike.

Alma has gained two powerful allies in her quest for freedom, John Bujak and the ACLU of Idaho.  Mr. Bujak heard of Alma's detainment while listening to my show this morning of 580 KIDO. The ACLU is updating everyone on her condition through several twitter feeds.  Expect a full court media press Tuesday Morning from the ACLU of Idaho.

Alma's husband Jim updated Alma's status on Facebook.  'Alma is strong and has lost so much weight her wedding rings do not fit her fingers.' Jim urged folks to stay strong and continue to support Alma.  Jim has not seen or talked to Alma yet.  He got the rings and the update from John Bujak.  What type of country do we live in where someone can be held without speaking to their loved ones?  What type of state allows this nonsense?  We have violent criminals that serve less time than Alma has for exercising her first amendment rights.

Television and print media pride themselves that they're covering the big story, looking out for you, etc... Where are they in this case?  Perhaps they're distracted doing another story on same sex marriage in Idaho?  They still haven't picked up this story.  They're either complicit or incompetent.  Take your pick on that one Bunky.

Where are the adults in Payette County?  Isn't it time to drop the charges against a wife, mother, and grandmother?  I believe your point has been made about silence during county meetings.  There is no win for county officials in this case.  There is no justification in Idaho or America for detaining someone without contact from loved ones for speaking their mind.

The authorities would be wise and have the charges dismissed.  I'm a fan of the old Grisham line from 'A Time To Kill.'  "You never want to create a fool with a cause."  Alma is no fool and neither are her supporters.  It would be foolish not to do the right thing and get her out of jail.