Why our overlooked and under appreciated founding father falls victim to the gender wars.   Recently the United States Department of Treasury announced that beginning in 2020 a woman will be featured on the ten dollar bill.  No one will comment on who will replace the first Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton.  The politically correct politburo hails this move as a sign of celebration.  I believe it dishonors a man who sacrificed his life for our nation.  With all due respect, can anyone outside of the founding fathers hold a candle to his accomplishments?

Hamilton was famous for his feuds with Thomas Jefferson and his duel with Arron Burr.  However, there is so much more to the orphan turned American Icon.  Hamilton was one of the authors of the Federalist Papers, the first Secretary of Treasury, created the first national bank, founded the New York Post, the Bank of New York, and many other institutions that are still in use today. (Check out this link of Hamilton's accomplishments here.

Have times changed so much in America that we discard are heroes at the altar of the politically correct?  Advocates of changing the ten dollar bill gleefully proclaim that having a woman on the ten dollar bill is long overdue.  I would ask at what price?  What woman has the same resume as Hamilton?

By changing the ten dollar bill, the country is not moving forward.  It's erasing the past that created the opportunities for Americans of all genders.