Alma Hasse has a message for you in the video above.  Please watch and share you're comments with me tomorrow morning on 580 KIDO.  The issue here is not whether you agree with Alma, but whether or not a local government can detain you for speaking in a public meeting.

What we're seeing in Payette is a stalemate involving both sides.  The authorities have decided to press on and keep Alma in jail.  As we've discussed, they could've made this issue go away by releasing her.  Their point was proved that you don't speak out and choose to be arrested.  On the other hand, this is the John Grisham scenario that I predicted would happen.

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Alma Hasse and her husband Jim are not backing down.  She continues her hunger strike and her right to remain silent.  Who would've thought that a wife, mother, and grandmother, would be willing to be arrested and not take the easy way out.  In an era where vote apathy is the rule.  Alma is the exception.  Back to Grisham quote from 'A Time to Kill,' "you don't create a fool with a cause, you avoid them."

Alma is no fool and I wish she would eat and allow herself to be bailed out.  However, for the sake of her health and our First Amendment Rights, she needs to be freed.  Expect the ACLU of Idaho to garner up legal and national attention to her plight.  This is how wars get started.  Neither side is willing to back down.  If we do not support folks willing to take a stand, we'll have no rights to protect us when government disagrees with our thoughts.

People are listening to Alma's message.  It's only a matter of time before the authorities hear it and do the right thing.