(That is not Alma's hand...Photo for file purposes only.)

Alma the Anti-Fracker was arrested last week for refusing to leave a public meeting in Payette.  The meeting was held by the Payette Planning and Zoning Commission.  Alma was asked to leave, she refused and the board called the police.  We still do not know the specific charge or charges against her at this time.  Here is the video.

Is this America, Idaho, or Russia?  Yes Alma is passionate and she should've left.  Is it really in the best interest of the folks in Payette to arrest a grandmother, mother, and wife?  Where were the cooler heads?

Alma's husband has told me she is on a hunger strike.  Published reports state that Alma will be arraigned on Tuesday.  She is not allowed visitors of phone calls according to her husband Jim on Facebook.  Once again, are we living in Idaho or China?

Whether you agree with Alma or not, you have to admire her heart.  Who has time to be arrested for what you believe in these days?  Although I wish she would reconsider not eating.  That serves no purpose other than harm to her.

Alma could have taken the easy way out and she chose to be booked for her beliefs.  The public would be better served if more people chose to stand for their beliefs instead of falling for what the politicians serve us.