Boise is holding a soccer match at Albertson's Stadium for the week of Jaidldi. The two soccer teams, Athletic Club Bilbao and Club Tijuana de Xolitzcuintles de Caliente from Mexico, will not play on the blue turf. According to the construction being done to make this process complete is going to be a little harder than crews expected.

The long jump pits located on the east side of the field are causing crews a little more trouble. These pits would cause the soccer field to be off level. The center of the field would be lower than the rest of the field. Crews are working to raise the area for the soccer match on July 18.

The process to make the blue turf into a grass field is a costly one. It may be expensive, but since BSU has had the same problem in the past with the pits, the construction of the green field for the soccer match will actually help extend seating in the stadium. For more information about the transformation of the blue turf click here.