Bob Barker loves animals and has for years.  Barker has now involved himself in the fight to derail the 'AG Gag Bill' by writing a letter to Idaho Governor Butch Otter.

In the letter, Barker points out to Governor Otter that 12 other states have considered passing similar legislation and have taken a pass.  Barker also points out that this is not a partisan issue.  Citing both republicans and democrats who have joined forces to stop these bills. He also writes about the implications the bill could have on law enforcement limiting their power to use evidence in animal cruelty cases.

Bob Barker is a hero to all of us who love animals.  How many times did we hear him tell America 'to spay and neuter their pets' at the end of the Price is Right.  I applaud Barker's conviction in writing this letter to Governor Otter.  The governor will have to decide if he backs the farmers, who want this bill, and others who want to protect farm animals.

The case is not black and white.  In a nutshell, the bill would prohibit anyone from filming investigative videos on farms in Idaho.  Whistle blowers would be arrested and most likely their evidence would not see the light of day.  Farmers say they love their animals and fear their businesses are threatened by over zealous animal lovers.

If the governor signs the bill expect a big legal challenge.  Matt Rice, from Mercy for Animals, hinted that a legal challenge would happen this week when we spoke with him on KIDO.  Once again, I applaud Bob Barker for writing the governor a letter.  It would be nice if it would make a difference.  Unfortunately, I don't think it will.  Investigative journalism cannot be punished which is what this bill does.  We'll see who wins, the farmers or the activists.