Which teams could derail the Broncos move to the Big 12?  No, we’re not here to announce a major move.  We haven’t any insider sources from the Big 12 headquarters.  However, what else are we going to do until media days and fall camp?  One can only watch so many reruns of last year’s games before yearning for new content involving college football.  So here we go!

Those of us who have followed the Broncos for years believe the Big 12 would be a natural fit for BSU.  A bonus would be the yearly game involving Big Game Bob and the Oklahoma Sooners.  Besides, who outside the Power 5 has a better national following, winning record and intangibles than Boise State?  Let’s take a look at some of the other contenders.

A special thanks to Berry Trammel of Oklahoman for his well researched articles on the future of the Big 12.  He ranks which pair of teams would be the best here and ranks the individual teams here.  It’s fascinating to read his insights from Oklahoma.

If you read both pieces, you’ll see that if the Big 12 wants to expand eastward it will be Cincinnati and Central Florida.   UCF, along with USF offers the Big 12 a Florida foothold into the sunshine state’s fertile recruiting area.  Central Florida ranks 173rd academically.  While the Bearcats give West Virginia, a traveling partner and a close regional rival.  The conference would benefit from having a team in Ohio, another top recruiting area.

The BYU Cougars left the Mountain West Conference to pursue their dreams of independence.  Many folks in Utah proudly believed that the Cougars would be the Notre Dame of the West.  That dream has yet to become a reality.  BYU ranks 62nd academically, which is positive for the Big 12 and its basketball program is a national power.  BYU fits the Big 12 with either Boise State or Colorado State.

Boise State is a winner and has beaten the odds on the field.  It’s outside the stadium where the Blue will be challenged to win acceptance.  The Broncos, while perennially ranked in the top twenty football polls, fail to rank in the top 200 academically.   While the Big 12 is not to be confused with the Ivy League, we’re still talking about student athletes.  It’s also well known that the Broncos would have to spend significant amounts of money to enhance its athletic department.  The location is a challenge considering how far Idaho is from West Virginia.

Perhaps the best move would be for  the Broncos to remain in the Mountain West while continuing to schedule Power Five opponents out of conference.  Sure, fans may not get excited about home games featuring UNLV, Wyoming, and the usual Mountain West suspects.  However, we sure do love those Fiesta Bowl wins.  Gee, how many teams in the Big 12 can say the same?