As most Americans celebrated our independence a new group of individuals were detained on our border.  Do we have a border anymore?  The politicians want immigration reform, but how can you reform a system that isn't enforced?  The Kevin Miller Hotlist examines this issue and more.

Could president Obama really be impeached?  How are the charges, if brought, different from those of Nixon, who never faced congress, and Clinton, who fought the charges?  Patrick Joseph Buchanan says the GOP should say no to impeachment in World Net Daily.

Which country produces the most oil?  Saudi Arabia?  Iraq?  Iran?  No, the world's largest oil producer is the United States of America?  So why then are our gas prices so high?  The truth about our oil production provided by Bloomberg.

When does a joke go too far?  Joan Rivers has called the president 'gay' and the first lady a 'transgender'.  Why?  She says it all in the pursuit of humor from CNN.

As if the crisis on the border wasn't enough, we now have allegations of corruption within the immigration law enforcement community says the Washington Times.

Texas Governor Rick Perry say the president does not care about the border.  He goes in depth over the lack of border enforcement with ABC News.

How many times have we heard government officials lecture us on buying fuel efficient vehicles?  Here's what happens when Americans drive cars that get better gas mileage from The Weekly Standard.

Our friends in China now believe they can defeat America militarily reports The Week.

Edward Snowden has struck again.  The former analyst and self described spy says the US Government spends more time spying on its own citizens than foreigners says the Washington Post.

Americans are fed up with losing their jobs to foreign workers from the Associated Press.

How does etiquette survive in the digital age?  Here's your new guide courtesy of Yahoo.