BYU Idaho has decided that the man bun must go.  Personally I don't have the hair follicles to pull off a man bun or even a mullet anymore.  I'm grateful if the comb over works on most days.  However, school officials at BYU-Idaho believe that 'man bun' violates the student honor code.  The students have not been disciplined but informed that the bun has to go according to the Idaho State Journal.

The article references a BYU-Idaho Press Release quoting the grooming standards for men and women on campus.  Hair for men should be cut above the collar and off of the ears.  Technically the style works, although not enough to satisfy university officials.   The story has gained national attention as a water cooler topic.  No protests have been reported at this time.

Full disclosure here, I do have hair envy and I agree with BYU.  Let's have the men boot the bun and bring back the crew cut.  Go BYU-Idaho!