Kevin Millers Mission

Miller’s Mission Starts Monday Team Subaru Video
We're days away from Miller's Mission 2016.  We appreciate everyone who has donated turkeys to the Boise Rescue Mission over the years.  Please consider donating this year as Kevin Miller will be living at the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity in Franklin beginning this Monday.  In hopes of getting you to d…
Kevin Miller’s Mission Nov.14-Nov.19
Please consider donating to Miller's Mission this year.  Once again, we're challenging the Treasure Valley to donate turkeys to Boise the Rescue Mission.  Stop by the Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin in Nampa from November 14th - 19th...
Boise Rescue Mission Tuesday Morning
Join us this Tuesday Morning as we dedicate the entire show to sharing the story of the Boise Rescue Mission.  We would like to ask you to help us raise awareness and resources to benefit folks in the Treasure Valley that need our help.
Millers Mission Day 6 photos
We started early on Saturday and had a big crowd featuring Patriot Ray, Steve Ackerman, and Tea Party Bob.  We were joined by our friends from the Boise Rescue Mission and a family who shared their story of how the Rescue Mission made a difference in their lives.

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