One cannot help but be drawn to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial when touring DC.  The monument was completed in 2011 and is approximately four acres.  The sculpture of MLK is surrounded by his famous quotes used during the Civil Rights Movement.  The address of the memorial is 1964 Independence which is the year of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

King changed America through his great oratory, his nonviolence stance, and his marches in cities such as Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma.  Dr. King is only the fourth non-president to have a memorial of this stature in Washington DC.

In addition to the MLK Statue and the inscriptions, you'll see the Mountain of Despair, which is two large boulders separated by a pathway.    You walk through the walkway to the Stone of Hope.  These carvings were inspired by the rhetoric from Dr. King's Speeches.

The MLK Memorial rightly honors America's Civil Right's Champion who died making our country a better union.