The battle of the insurgents... Will it be Trump, Fiorina, Carson, Cruz, or?  Let's go over the 11 person roster for tonight's GOP Debate: Donald Trump (DT), Ben Carson (BC), Jeb Bush (JB), Scott Walker (SW), Marco Rubio (MR), Mike Huckabee (MH), Rand Paul (RP), Carly Fiorina (CF), John Kasich (JK), Chris Christie, (CC), and Ted Cruz (TC).  How could I forget Cruz?  Long day...

Jake Tapper goes over the rules and introduces Hugh Hewitt and Dana Bash...

RP introduces himself as an eye surgeon and has been married for several years.  MH is delighted to be on the stage and no one on the stage is a socialist!  He says the field is the Ateam and calls Trump Mr. T.  MR says he's from Florida and has been married for 17 years.  He brought his own water.

TC speaks about his parents and commends his wife for being his best friend.  He says he'll stand up against the politcos.  BC shares his experience as a doctor and his concern about the children in America.  DT, I wrote the art of the deal, I've made billions and want to use those talents to make America Great Again.  JB believes America is on the verge of its greatest century and is ready to lead.  He says he took on the special interest in FLA.  SW thanks Nancy Reagan for hosting the debate.  Says Ronald Reagan went big and America needs a leader.

CF from secretary to CEO is only possible in America. She's prepared to lead America's resurgence.  JK gives a shout out to his family.  He brags that he was on the Reagan Air Force One.  CC wants the camera off of him and on to the audience.  Hey there's George P. Bush, Jeb's son.

CF gets the first question and it's about, you guessed it TRUMP!!! Would you feel comfortable with DT's finger on the nuclear trigger?  CF doesn't answer the question! DT says RP shouldn't be on the stage because he's tanking in the polls.  WOW!  DT says the country needs a businessman to bring the country back!

RP says DT has careless language and calls his behavior sophomoric and entertaining.  DT explains that he never attacked RP on his looks and says there's plenty of material there.

Jake asks the Donald about his temperament.  He tells JB that he'll make America rich again.  What kind of dumb question is this?  WOULD YOU BE COMFORTABLE WITH DONALD TRUMP'S FINGER ON THE NUCLEAR SWITCH?  SW tells DT that we don't need another Apprentice in the White House... It looks like it's open season on The Donald!

DT explains that SW tanked the Wisconsin Budget.  SW defends his budget issues and then goes on and on how he'll take on the special interest.  JK lectures everyone that we should be goodies good and not attack one another.  Thanks for the lecture John, Jake Tapper goes to CC on BC.

CC's happy that someone recognized that he's still in the race.  CC brags he vetoed over 400 bills from a crazy legislature.  He'll be the vessel to fix this country.  BC shares that politicians are looking for their particular goal. He reviews the divisiveness and the fiscal irresponsibility in the country.

CF explains that 75% feel that the government is corrupt.  Finally someone mentions the VA Healthcare Crisis.  This is about changing the system.  JB is asked by Jake the Tapper about DT and whether JB is a puppet of his big money donors.  He attacks DT on getting casino gambling in Florida.  DT denies...  He exposes how the special interest are running the campaigns.  He turned down 5 million dollars last week.

JB continues to interrupt DT and DT cuts him off about casino gambling in Florida.  BC says he will not lick the boots of billionaires.  Wow... Carson stole that moment... If not for BC, we'd still be watching the DT/JB Show.

DT goes over how Obama has no respect from Putin.  DT vows to get along with all the world leaders that we're not getting along with.  We get along with nobody!  MR tells us he understands Russia and he's prepared to stop Putin.  MR predicts that Russia will begin to start flying missions over Syria.

CF shares that she met Putin and that she'll rebuild the Navy.  She smacks DT for not knowing the Iranian General's Name.  Vows to give our allies weapons.  Jake moves on to TC about the Iranians.

TC goes over 6 years of Obama leading from behind.  This debate would be a lot better with only five or six candidates.  TC says he'll rip up the Iranian Deal.  JK tells us that we need to have better relationships with our allies.

JK continues that if the Mullahs cheat we slap the sanctions back on them.  RP is asked about the Chinese President coming to town.  He dodges the question and expresses how we should talk to our enemies.  He doesn't agree with SW who wants Obama to cancel the big dinner next week.

SW questions why are we rolling out the red carpet to a country who cyber attacks us and all the other shenanigans.  JB says let's not cancel the state dinner.  I wonder if DT will speak about taking the Chinese to McDonald's. JB says we have to have Israel's back.

Finally MH get's into the fray, who says the Iranian Deal is about the survival of Western Civilization.  The Huck, whoops I mean MK, tells everyone the next president must rip up the deal.

Hugh Hewitt goes after DT about Assad and Obama's Red Line.  DT says Obama has no courage.  MR defends his votes about use of force in Syria, RP if we bombed Assad ISIS would be stronger.  TC has to fight to answer the question.  He explains why he didn't vote to authorize Obama to bomb Syria.

JK barges his way in and looks disheveled or angry.  He reminds me of Kevin Bacon in Animal House.  "Remain Calm, all is well!"

Jake the Tapper asks MH about Kim Davis.  MH says we have judicial tyranny.  We made accommodation to grow a beard.  You're telling me we can't make an accommodation for a clerk in Kentucky.  JB lectures us that we should respect the rule of law.

Dana Bash goes to JK about TC's plan to defund Planned Parenthood.  JK defends not shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood.  TC says I plan to stand for life.  He goes over the videos.  Are these my values?  CC is slouching on the side.  That's not very presidential.  TC says GOP should stop surrendering.

CC stands up straight and defunded Planned Parenthood in New Jersey.  He goes after Hillary Clinton.  Clinton is the real opponent and the real problem.  CC challenges the Congress to go after Obama.

CF charges in and starts talking about foreign policy.  How did we forget Planned Parenthood.  CF emotional describes the horrible Planned Parenthood videos.  She clearly stole the show with that one.  Could be the clip of the night.

JB claims that he's the most Pro Life Governor on the stage.  Trump stares into the crowd.  DT  responds that JB's misstatement on Women's Health that will haunt him.  DT pivots to North Korea and their maniac leader.

Uh Oh, back to the DT/JB Show... JB is reminds me of the librarian trying to stand up to the cool kid or school bully.  SW jumps in and get's dissed by Jake the Tapper.

JAKE asks CF about DT's face comment in Rolling Stone about her face.  CF gives us just a slight phony I'm hurt but dignified look for the cameras.  She talks of DT's character.  DT says she's a beautiful woman.  On to the first break!

DT pledges if elected all the illegal gang bangers and criminals will be sent home.  He doesn't answer how much it will cost.  We have a country of laws and there going out!  CC reviews the DT plan.  He then tells everyone we need to enforce the border and the laws. DT says illegal immigration costs America 200 Billion Dollars a year.

BC wants to look at Yuma County, Arizona where 90% of the illegals are stopped.  He goes on and on about a double fence and a road in between.  Oh my, Dana Bash asks JB about his Mexican Born Wife,  JB demanded that DT apologize to his wife.  DT says nope!

JB is so weak Dana Bash cuts him off in the middle of his answer.  DT says how JB is soft of immigration.  JB says Reagan is nice and DT is mean.  DT says the illegals will comeback legally.

DT defends his comments about JB speaking Spanish.  He says we need to speak English.  This resonates with many folks at home.  The establishment will not understand Trump's answer, but the people will.  MR jumps in and explains that his grandfather spoke Spanish, I think.

TC says that DT's entry in the race has forced the mainstream media to focus on illegal immigration.  He says he's never supported amnesty.  MR reviews the immigration policy of the country.  MR is reviewing what CC earlier.

DT is asked about birthright citizenship.  He says most countries do not have birthright citizenship and we're dumb enough have it. CF asks why have democrats not solved the immigration problem.  The Dems do not want the issue solved.  She disputes DT's take on the 14th amendment.    RP agrees with DT.

CF is asked about getting the boot from HP.  She defends her record at HP and says she made the company better.  However, ask anyone in the Treasure Valley what they think of her tenure as CEO?  CF keeps going on and on about getting the boot.

DT reviews how bad HP is and how many people were fired.  DT reports how buying Compaq destroyed HP.  CF responds how DT filed for bankruptcy four times.  DT makes over 10 Billion Dollars.  "Hey Carly, I let you speak."  DT defends his casino business.

CC panders to the crowd about your careers.  He smacks CF for interrupting everyone and tells her not to interrupt the big CC.  He calls the back and forth childish.  CF goes on and on about leadership.  JK finally gets back into the game.  He accurately details his fiscal conservative congressional record.  He then goes over his record as Ohio Governor.

MH is asked about Hedge Fund Managers getting a tax increase.  The Huck touts the Fair Tax.  He doesn't want to tax productivity.  MH reminds everyone how Reagan inspired Americans to live their dreams.  BC is asked about his tithing tax plan.  He wants the government to get out of the way and let the people run their lives.

DT explains his tax plan that will reduce taxes for the middle class.  RP wants a 14% tax rate for individuals and businesses.   SW speaks out about not raising the minimum wage.  He goes on about jobs and his plan is based on the 1986 tax plan.  Jake Tapper really need to get control of this debate.

  BC wants both side to negotiate a reasonable minimum wage and index it.  He wants two minimum wages.  Wow Hugh Hewitt reminds everyone that CF and JK have been on his show.  How did we make it through the night without that gem?  HH asks why JK doesn't attack Hillary Clinton.  JK once again goes over his record.  I think we got it after the 27th time this evening.

CF brings up CC.  She goes after Hillary Clinton for being a liar about servers, Benghazi, and others.  CC says he will prosecute her on the debate stage.  Is it over yet?  Nope, another commercial... Hey it's the movie about the dude who walked across the twin towers.  Yes, that's a true story. 

 DT has made up with Hugh Hewitt.  DT says very few people know the names of foreign leaders.  MR reviews how bad our foreign policy is.  He says the number one issue is to keep this nation safe.

DT tells everyone how MR has missed more votes than anyone else in the Senate.  MR goes on the defensive.

Hugh Hewitt asks JB about his last name.  JB he describes what type of commander and chief he would be.  He wants to solve the sequester problem and rebuild the country's intelligence apparatus.  He vows peace through strength.

DT says he's the only one to be against the war in Iraq.  RP tries to get in and DT stops him and references his one percent.  RP tries to get in and JB cuts him off.  DT tells JB that his brother gave us Obama and Abraham Lincoln could not get elected after the last months of the Bush Administration.  JB responds that his brother kept us safe. 

RP goes on about the bad call on Iraq from GW Bush on the Middle East.  JB continues to try to defend his bro.  MR goes over how the dangers we currently face in the world.  BC says he told GW Bush not to go into Iraq back in the day.

CC reviews his experience on 911.  He supports GW Bush's attack on Iraq.  Clearly the audience is pro establishment and pro Bush.  BC expands on his relationship with Bush 43.  He suggested to the president that he should've been more like JFK.

A nice debate is evolving between BC, CC, and MR about foreign policy.  The candidates smartly declare their differences on handling the terrorists.  CF tries to get in and is ignored.  SW jumps in calling on the removal of the rules of engagements.  Jake Tapper moves on to RP.

RP says the first war was a mistake and he will not send troops back to Iraq.  He critiques the Saudis for not recognizing one refugee.  JK calls for boots on the ground with a coalition of our friends.  He then goes on about the power of ideas.  He invokes Western Civilization to battle the radicals.  I'm lost and CF weighs in on the military.  She wants 50 Army Brigades and upgrade all aspects of the military.  Once again she mentions the Veterans.

JB is asked by the returning Dana Bash about SCOTUS.  It seems like every question for JB is about W.  Sometimes it's hard to get out of your big brother's shadow.  JB seems like he's lost in the answer.

TC smacks Roberts for changing the laws to save Obama Care.  TC brings up how Poppy Bush appointed Souter and W appointed Roberts, both who flipped on the conservatives.  JB is lost defending Roberts, here comes the smack from TC.  He points how Poppy and W didn't want to face a tough fight for conservative SCOTUS Justices.

MH vows to have a litmus test for judges.  He passionately goes over every test he'd have for his nominees.  Break Time!

Is Jake, Hugh, or Dana going to ask the crew about the VA Crisis?  Jake Tapper goes to RP about Marijuana legalization.  RP says that only the poor go to jail and dope smoking is a state right's issue.  Shocking JB admits smoking marijuana!  Did he inhale?  JB says Colorado's dope smoking is a state right's issue?  Hmmm tell that to the folks that passed constitutional amendments protecting marriage!  Whatever happened to the supremacy clause?

RP eviscerates JB on his hypocrisy of the drug issue.  He calls for the use of medical Marijuana in helping the terminally sick.  RP's best moment in both debates.  CC states his case about how weed is a gateway drug.  RP continues his point about weed being a state's right's issue. This dialogue is compelling to watch the difference in each one's take on the Constitution.

CF reveals that she lost a child to drugs.  She backs RP and urges more efforts to save young people from the dangers of drugs.

Hugh Hewitt goes to JB on guns.  He mentions that California can residents guns without a hearing.   JB speaks to his Florida record on guns.  MR accurately points out that criminals don't follow the law.  He says left wing Obama is undermining the values of American Families.

TC tells all about his legal SCOTUS Fight to protect the 2nd Amendment.  Dana Bash goes to DT on Social Security.  DT would be willing to punt on getting the entitlement.  CC explains 71% of Federal Spending is on entitlement program.  He wants to protect the people who need it.

Jake The Tapper asks MR about climate change.  MR says climate change makes it harder on working American Families.  He says policies will not change our climate or our weather.  He reports that China is the largest carbon emitter.  CC touts how much New Jersey uses solar power.

MR says he's skeptical of the decisions the left wants the country to make.  CC nods as MR continues to speak about energy policy.  SW echos what MR said.  SW states that manufacturing jobs are at risk for marginal gain.

BC is asked about vaccines and their link to autism.  BC says the public doesn't know the real story about what's really going on.  He says vaccines are important.  DT wants smaller does of vaccines over a longer period of time.  He points out how Autism has grown over the years.

BC goes on about vaccines.  RP explains his take on the topic.  He believes it's an issue of freedom.  MH wants the next president to declare war on Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, and Diabetes.

  Rapid Fire... What woman on the ten dollar bill RP Susan B Anthony, MH his wife, MR Rosa Parks, TC take Jackson off and keep Hamilton Rosa Parks on the twenty, BC his Mom, DT Ivanka and Rosa Parks, JB Margaret Thatcher, SW Clara Barton, CF don't change it, JK Mother Theresa.. strong, CC Abagale Adams

 Secret Service... what would be your code name?

CC True Heart, JK Unit 2, CF Secretariat, SW Harley, JB Eveready, DT Humble, BC One Nation, TC Cohiba, MR Gator, MH Duck Hunter, RP Justice Never Sleeps

How will people remember your Presidency?

RP Peace through Strength, we go to war reluctantly, MH the military would be restored and we wouldn't be bullied, the IRS would be eliminated and abortion would be no more, MR that America could be counted on and we'd be a symbol of freedom and liberty, TC the bust of Winston Churchill will be back in the Oval Office, ISIS will be destroyed, BC bring back the American Dream, DT Make America Great Again, JB restore American Leadership, SW provide opportunity for working Americans, CF bring back the land of the free, JK if you save one life, you've changed the world, CC justice means away of life...