How many of us remember what happened November 4th 1979?  That was the day that a group of radical followers of the Ayatollah Khomeini stormed the US Embassy and took 60 Americans hostage for 444 days.   It was the beginning of Iranian power and the end to a long relationship between America and Iran.  The conflict has never been resolved.  Years and years have gone by and Iran still considers our great nation the Great Satan.  Iran has sponsored terrorism and terrorist groups.  They have given refuge to Hezbollah and Hamas elements who continue to attack Israel.  So is why are we doing business with this regime?

Getty Images Majid

It wasn't long ago that presidential candidates John McCain, Barrack Obama, and Mitt Romney declared that Iran will never be allowed to go nuclear.  The fear was that once the Iranians have the bomb they will use it to bully other countries in the region.  Also that their radical acolytes will have access to the bomb and use it against America.  All vowed to use America's military might to stop Iran.  The president campaigned that he would stop the Iranians and has done nothing to prevent them from destabilizing the region if not the world.

We've been told that new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is different from past Iranian leaders.  He's not a radical.  Heck he's on twitter!  The Iranians are a master at making us look like fools.  For years economic sanctions have slowed the Iranian march to nuclear energy.  (Why would a country with a large supply of oil need nuclear power?)  Now the Obama Administration has announced a new deal with the new Iran.  We've seen this movie before.  The Iranians one thing and do another.  Dealing with them is akin to the America being Charlie Brown and Iran playing the part of Lucy holding the football.  We never connect.

The sanctions have not been lifted yet and already the folks in Tehran are bragging to CNN that the deal doesn't limit their nuclear ambitions.  Is anyone awake at the State Department?  Never mind, we know the answer to that.  Since 1979, we've tried to pacify the bully in Tehran instead of dealing with the one language they understand, force.