Is the Confederate Battle Flag a symbol of hate or of Southern Heritage and state's rights?  Read the story and vote now!  Once again national media figures have called for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from its perch in Columbia, South Carolina.  The recent movement is in response to photos of accused Charleston killer Dylann Roof waving the Stars and Bars in his manifesto.  Opponents call the flag a symbol of hate.  Is there another side to the story?


Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

For many Southerners the Confederate Flag is a symbol of their ancestors' bravery during the Civil War.  You'll see many battlefields, cemeteries, and statues with the flag flying.  In fact, the flag flew over the capitol of South Carolina for many years.  Until protesters had it removed from the dome.  It now flies on a memorial site within the capitol grounds.

The issue is not about a flag.  It's about how we as a country pool together when challenged by this horrendous crime.  I believe the politicians and talking heads should focus on how Charleston is remembering the victims.

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