Our great friend Ryan French has graduated from Air Force Boot Camp.  Congratulations Ryan and to the French Family.  Ryan's accomplishment is worth noting when you consider less than one percent of the population is eligible for military service.  Keep up the great work Ryan!

The following is another letter Ryan has written to us.  Here it is:

Well my friend, things are finally winding done a bit here at BMT.  It's the seventh week and Sunday will be the eighth week.  Today we took our last evaluation test on what we've learned since we've arrived here on December Seventeenth.

When I decided to take a much needed break from radio, I ironically remember more of the songs we played on the air now, even though we do not have radio/tv/internet access, than when I was doing remotes.  So a week from today that I'm writing you, and anyone else that is interested, I will be graduating on Friday the Thirteenth.  Lucky Me!  Fortunately for me, that is my lucky number.

The good news is that my 94% on my end of course and my 99.3% will most likely result in being an honor graduate.  I'm pretty excited about that, considering it was one of my goals here.  I didn't make expert marksman although it might have had something to do with my glasses.  We were doing a simulated mini-deployment exercise that day.  You win some, you lose some.

Luckily I don't think, or hope, I'll have to use a weapon much unless of course to protect Kmilly from his crazy cult followers.  Ha, Ha.  My parents Tammy and Ray and my best friend Michael are coming to see my graduation.  Looks like we'll make a trip to see the Alamo and the historic/famous San Antonio River walk.  There might also be a minor league hockey game to go to one of those nights.  I'm looking forward to that!

Wouldn't that be great if they were playing the Steelheads?  Well my friend, I wanted to check in with you once before I graduate and get my social media / life back.  Talk to you soon and I hope all is well.

Airman First Class Ryan French