Could Dish Subscribers lose Channel 7?  It's happening more and more these days.  Satellite Companies taking on local television stations.  Now it hits home with the latest showdown.  Dish versus KTVB over negotiated fees for broadcast rights.  Major League teams do the same thing with broadcast networks.  That's why NBC has the rights to air Sunday Night Football and not ABC.

I would urge the folks at Dish to settle with Channel 7 quickly.  Direct TV had a similar incident when they didn't want to carry the SEC Network.  After losing thousands of subscribers, the satellite service carried the network, and their folks came back.  In the world of television; content is king, and Channel 7 is the king of content.  (Here's a link to the details of the dispute.)

Unlike other local stations, KTVB is connected to our community.  I marvel at how their anchors get involved on and off the air in promoting community events.  They really live the motto of 'public service.'  Yes, it would be a challenge to live without Jimmy Fallon, but don't take away my mornings with Maggie, Doug, and Larry.  My favorite event of the year is KTVB Cares Day where the entire station staff commits to six hours of fundraising to make sure everyone has a Merry Christmas.  Who does that around here or anywhere?

No one that I know of so a message to Dish - let's commit to our Treasure Valley and keep Channel 7 on the air!