The Idaho Transportation Department does not seem to see the creativity or humor in a sign put on the roof of Woodland Empire Ale Craft at 11th and Grove in downtown Boise. Co owner of the brewery Dusty Schmidt say the letter from the county says “it interferes with the effectiveness of nearby traffic signs and potentially creates a danger to our public highway.”

Woodland Empire contacted the City of Boise prior to erecting the sign, and was told it had no regulations governing design requirements for an on-premise billboard atop a private business’s roof. Turns out, according to Schmidt, this is a very special case. “Because we sit within the city limits, we thought we were in the good, but our brewery also happens to be near the connector, which is actually a state highway with different rules.”

Schmidt said the brewery never intended to create a traffic issue, and that the brewery is now in discussions with ITD. “We just wanted to let the 37,000 daily commuters know where they could get our delicious, hand-crafted beer.”