The GOP Battle continues this Thursday Night at Angell's with another 580 KIDO Debate Watch Party.  Call Angell's now at 342-4900 to reserve your seat.  Here's why you should join us.  Yes this will be the 12th debate that started with 17 GOP Candidates and we're down to four.  Most folks would say they're burned out on the politics and the insults.  However, the race has really just begun.  The first narrative involved the unbeatable Donald Trump.

Now we see Ted Cruz doing better than expected in states after Super Tuesday.  We also see Marco Rubio continuing to fight the Donald.  Let's not forget this debate will be the last before Florida and Ohio.  So how does watching a debate party at Angell's make a difference in the Gem State?

First of all, the food is incredible and affordable.  The Angell's folks have customized a menu based on your presidential preferences.  ( Rubio Ruben, Ted Cruz All American Club Sandwich, Kasich Kobe Beef Burger, and the Trump Tacos..)  Not to be outdone by the cuisine, is the hardworking staff that enjoys creating an atmosphere second to known.  I really appreciate Angell's for welcoming us with open arms.

Finally watching the 580 KIDO Debate together is liberating after eight years of the politically correct politburo silencing dissent.  It's inspiring to see so many folks engaged in the process.  Plus Idaho Politicians will understand that you'll be holding them accountable for their actions coming up in the May Primary.  So I hope you'll join us this Thursday Night and on March 21st for our last two 580 KIDO GOP Debate Watch Parties.