Last year the Supreme Court thought they had settled the issue of Gay Marriage.  Instead of deciding the issue once and for all, they kicked it back to the states.  Several critics of the court suggested that the state's that had passed marriage protection amendments would come under assault from the lawsuits from the pro-gay marriage crowd.  Oh, boy were they right.

Like falling dominoes, almost all of the US Circuit Courts ruled that same-sex marriage was a civil right.  The Supreme Court failed to hear any appeal from multiple attorney generals who wanted the country's highest court to hear the case.  It looked as if same-sex marriage would become federal law without the Supremes having to set case law.

That was until the 6th Circuit, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee, ruled that state's had a right to define marriage as that between a man and a woman.  Now the Supreme Court will hear opening arguments Tuesday Morning.  What do you think?

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