Does anyone look forward to their high school reunion?  The internet is buzzing with the announcement of a new Lifetime Movie about the campy Saturday Morning sitcom 'Saved by the Bell'.  For those that didn't grow up with the show, you can check it out on you tube.

I must admit I was a little old to be watching 'Saved by the Bell' when it first aired.  However I did watch it during reruns on TBS and other outlets.  (Disclaimer this was before DVRs, Cell Phones, and the internet)  I must admit it did pass the time and who could forget Zach's big cell phone.  Here's late night king forty something Jimmy Fallon making plea for a reunion.

I'm sure we'll be treated to all the struggles of the cast and other alleged scandals.  Is this really necessary?  It's not like we do not have enough bad news these days.  The sad truth is that scandals have become entertainment into today's world.  Whether it's reality TV or violent video games, we've become too callous as a society.  Wouldn't be great if we could let the pseudo alumni of Bayside High be remembered in a positive light?