The Army has made its case against Idaho's Bowe Bergdahl.  Will America hear his defense?  The Washington Post seems to echo what we've known for years about the deployment of Bowe Bergdahl.  (I'd recommend you read the controversial article by the now deceased Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone Magazine.)  Both articles detail how the young private was disillusioned with his deployment deep in the heart of the Taliban's Afghanistan.

Bergdahl's life in captivity is detailed in the Post article.  We learn that he was beaten with rubber hoses and copper cables.  He tried to escape several times and was severely harmed when recaptured.  Bergdahl spent many years in captivity forced to make videos by his captors the Haqqani Network for propaganda purposes.

The Idaho Native did successfully escape for nine days.  He was found by the insurgents and spent the next three and a half years blindfolded in a seven foot cage.  Do you believe Bowe Bergdahl's defense?  Should he go to prison?  Vote Now!