I have to admit, I didn't see this one coming. It makes all the sense in the world, however, after almost eight years of Obama, can you blame me for missing 2016's Game Changer.

The word out of Iowa today is that Sarah Palin will endorse Donald Trump for the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination. I'd say if that happens, you can start booking your tickets now for Trump's Coronation in Cleveland.

This election cycle is about both parties throwing out establishment cronies. (See Jeb Bush on the GOP side and Hillary's struggles with Bernie on the Dem's Side.) There is not a political figure in modern American Politics who has been as vilified by the establishment arms of the media and the GOP than Sarah Louis Palin.

She's no longer the lone voice of the grassroots in today's primary season. Donald Trump's appeal reminds me of Palin's back in 2008. Although she couldn't save John McCain's doomed candidacy, the former Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska could elevate Trump's already historical popularity.

Can you imagine how many mama grizzlies want to 'Make America Great Again' for their little cubs? There would be no passion deficit on the GOP side as we've seen with the McCain and Romney Camps. Take it one step further, and see what happens if the Donald makes her the VP?

Their campaign would be a purge of the politically correct Obama Agenda. Sensitivity and victimhood would be out, expression and self-reliance back in. The media and the Democrats would have no answer to a Trump/Palin Ticket. I can hear their criticism all the way to the inauguration. Now that's not only a political game changer but one that will make America great again.