People need to start being unique and interesting. There are too many dull and boring people that have lots of potential that are just moving through this world not leaving their mark.

Have you ever met someone that you found was fun to talk to? You enjoyed hearing about their experiences and they enjoyed your presence also? In business those that are the most interesting are those that’s level of success tends to be a lot higher than others. In business or life the fun interesting people have a unique brand. You automatically like that person, you trust them and you want to continue your relationship with them. If you're doing business with them you enjoy the experience and want to tell others about them as well. That’s a referral and that’s what keeps our businesses alive.

Just imagine going to a restaurant, the waitress has a bubbly personality, she acts like
she really cares about your experience, attends to all your needs and wants, but most of all takes the time for a quick chat about something that you find interesting. Now if the food was average, you will still find that you received your money’s worth because of the way she made you feel.

Now think of the opposite. A waitress who was counting down the time till her shift
was going to be over, asked what you wanted and nothing more. She never smiled or said thank you. The food could have been great, but with the poor service with someone who acted like they could care less about waiting on you, which experience is more memorable? Which restaurant would you likely go back to? I would bet that the dinner you had a great experience at would be your choice.

Most people don’t understand it’s not the product or service that get’s that customer
jumping up and down about how wonderful you and your business is, it’s the social experience they had with the person serving them. In my business or yours, there is always someone out there that can do just a good of a job as you or I can. What makes us different? It’s our personality, how we bonded with the customer.

Just recently I traveled on vacation to San Diego on Mission Beach and there was a
small mexican restaurant called Kono’s. From the time they open to closing time they constantly have a waiting line at least 30 minutes to an hour outside the door. While waiting you don’t hear anyone complain about the wait, to them it’s worth it. Once you get to the front counter a gentleman looks you in the eye, smiles, and says “Good morning, how can I help you?” followed by each item you tell him he say’s “absolutely” and “thank you very much” then he adds a short comment about how he appreciates you coming in with a sidenote about something unique like enjoying the sun. All this time his eyes are focused on you as well as he listens to your order intently repeating each item. Our short time with him I could tell he was very kind, conscientious,
and caring. He made us feel important. It’s a winning success. The food was good, but our hour long wait interaction with him, made the experience.

You must be happy with yourself if you're going to have the type of personality that
others will enjoy being around you. It could be with a co worker, a boss, or serving customers, just be yourself and have fun. If you're having fun, chances are that your career will go a lot further and faster than anyone else. Start being someone that with each person you meet you have left them having a brighter day. There are to many people in this world drifting by, be someone different. You spend most of your time at work, why not be unique, fun, and leave an impression upon that other person. Who knows, maybe someone like me will recognize your amazing personality and give you a job offer that far exceeds where you are at?