So now we have Ebola in America.  Do we really know what Ebola is?  Well, it has 'flu like symptoms' the experts tell us.  Is there a cure?  That's a good one.    President Obama last month said it was highly unlikely that Ebola would hit the US.  Surprise it's here and it's in Texas!  How did this happen?  It's very simple, we have dropped the ball on accountability.  If Ebola is so bad, why are we allowing folks from countries under the Ebola siege into this country?

Inhumane you say?  Tell that to the Texas parents who now are worried their children may have contracted this deadly disease.  It's almost as if the government cannot be this incompetent to allow Ebola within our borders.  Then again, we allow everyone and everything within our borders.

Could the Obama Administration prevented the Texas infection invasion?  Well, they decided to dump a policy designed to protect Americans from 'plague like conditions.'  The administration will never be held accountable for letting a Liberian man into this country without clearing him medically.

Think about the fear and concern of everyone who was on that flight.  Or my personal favorite example of incompetency; the Texas hospital that sent the 'patient' home because of a software glitch that didn't look into his travel history.

It's irresponsible of our government to allow this to happen in America.  We are now hearing of possible cases on the East Coast.   The local news here is talking about what do if we get Ebola.  The truth is no one here knows what to do.  There are only two places in this country that have the capability to handle the virus.  They're in Georgia and Nebraska.

I'm sure the NBC Camera man who has Ebola will now become a huge news story for NBC.  Talk about an exclusive that no one wants.  I'm sure NBC will attempt to justify the expected excessive coverage is necessary because of public interest.   I hope he survives and I pray that America will embrace the concept that an ounce of prevention  is worth more than a pound of cure.