The Ebola virus continues to grow, the feds expand the amount of crimes and there are ten best states to spend your retirement years.  These stories and more in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

It looks like Edward Snowden has inspired another leaker when it comes to national security.  The NSA is not happy about it according to CNN.

The Taliban is claiming responsibility for killing an American Two Star General today.  Major General Harold Greene was the highest ranking American killed in Afghanistan reports ABC News.

As officials struggle to find a cure for Ebola, medical officials are know disclosing that the outbreak could be worse than reported from CBS This Morning.

The immigration crisis is continuing on the Texas Border.  The state of Texas is adjusting their rules in how to deal with wave after wave of immigrant kids says the Associated Press.

A Houston Principal 'recommends' that her students should be speaking English in class.  She's rewarded for her efforts by being fired reports the Houston Chronicle.

A new employment report says that most jobs in Tennessee went to immigrants at the expense of Native Americans.  Both of the volunteer state's senator's appear to be out of touch as they voted for more easing of immigration restrictions says CNBC.

The stock market is rising, gas prices are rising and in the spirit of expansion, the feds have created more than 400 new crimes just in case the 5,000 crimes on books were not sufficient from the Washington Free Beacon.

Alabama, the state that gave us George Wallace and the Alabama Crimson Tide, has delivered another gem.  Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks says the democrats are waging a war on whites says the Washington Examiner.

Here are the ten best states to spend your retirement years from Yahoo.

The federal government paid out over 2 Trillion dollars in benefits last year.  Do we have enough people working to pay for all the payouts?  The benefit bonanza broken down by CNS News.