All joking aside, I believe Kevin Bacon's message in Animal House would be more consistent than what we're hearing from our government when it comes to fighting Ebola.  Sometimes we forget we are the United States of America.   We cured Polio and other diseases that the rest of the world saw as unstoppable.  How did we do it?

David McNew, Getty Images

We protected the public from infection through quarantines and travel restrictions.  The administration would be wise to smarten up and issue a travel bans to all countries in West Africa.  The president talks about helping the world.  He needs to remember he was elected to protect America first.

Throughout history plagues have been stopped by restricting those infected until a cure could be found.  In this age of uber transportation, that might be easier said than done.  At least it's a start.

What's the bigger danger to our nation's health?  Being called names by others because we put Americans first?  Or inviting everyone in and watching our own brothers and sisters become infected.

Fighting a disease is like war.  It's us or them, hopefully we will understand that before it's too late.  We maybe joking about Ebola now, let's hope we get the last laugh.