Warning the video above contains graphic and disturbing images of a Filer Police Officer shooting a dog.  The dog was no ordinary animal as it belonged to Rick Clubb who was celebrating his son's 9th birthday party according to magicvalley.com  The dog was a family friend named Hooch who was a seven year old black Labrador Retriever.  Yes, the owner should not have had his dogs running wild in the front yard without them being on leashes.  Yes the dogs should have been inside, but there's no excuse for the killing of an animal who was turning away from the officer when he was shot.

Filer Police Department via youtube

Filer Police Chief Tim Reeves said the officer had no choice but to shoot the dog according to the Times-News.  The video indicates that the officer could have stood down.  There was no legitimate reason to take the life of that dog when kids are celebrating a birthday party.  Mr. Clubb was given a ticket for not having his dogs in a controlled area.

So a ticket warrants the action of a police officer shooting a family friend when young children are present?  Whatever happened to restraint and a stern warning?  The folks in Filer should demand a further review of the incident.  One just has to look at the video to find out the truth.  Police Officers have to protect and serve.  Deadly force should be the last option instead of the first.