LIVE FROM CLEVELAND... Brett Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace.. They throw it to the panel... Shannon Bream breaks down the Facebook #s... Does she ever get a break?  The Fox Pundits pander to the audience... For the sake of brevity, I'll use the initials instead of names...The candidates have now been introduced...

The panel appears nervous as they pander to the crowd for the third time.  Very different from the first debate on Fox.  The panel goes over the rules.  Now to the podiums...

7pm...The debate officially begins...Fox goes over the rules again and introduces the candidates again... Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and John Kasich...a standing ovation for all the candidates or Kasich?

705pm.. will this debate ever start?  Oh My, another pander to Lebron James... Let's get it on!  BB starts with a hand raising question...oh my, Trump is the only one who says he won't guarentee a third party run...

BB admonishes DT, DT responds by saying he won't run as an independent if he's the nominee..  Uh Oh, Rand Paul starts yelling at Trump... high pitched voice.. saying DT buys politicians... including RP...

MK starts with BC about his political inexperience...BC says having a brain is the most important part of being candidate, America a great nation because people understood the value of hard work

CW baits MR against JB, clearly the Fox Panel has an agenda..MR responds that this contest is not a resume competition...details what the election should be about.. mentions Amazon, speaks about the disruption in the economy...smacks Hillary Clinton

BB goes to JB, the last thing the country needs is another Bush, JB says he has to earn it, touts record in Florida, proud of daddy and brother..called him Veto Corleano, I'm my own man he says..

MK goes to DT about women, again another move by Fox to discredit DT, he gets a huge applause line by smacking Rosie, MK doesn't like it, DT appears ready for her, says the country is too PC, doesn't have time for PC, this country is in big trouble, transitions into his talking points...Turns it on MK,,, Point one to DT on that one homey,,,,

CW to TC... on being the bad boy of the senate... asks a loaded question... how can you win if you're a divisive character?  is this MSNBC?  TC says he ain't the guy to hang with career politicians...shares how the GOP House and Senate do not keep their promises..

BB to CC or Big Chris... smacks him about NJ Economy... CC says hey, it was worse before I got there...goes over his record of tax cuts, 192,000 private sector jobs, says he's proud of Jersey..

MK goes to SW on abortion...would you let a mother die than have an abortion?  are you too out of the mainstream?  again is this MK or Rachel Madow?  Where's Olberman?  SW says he defunded Planned Parenthood and is proudly pro life..

CW goes to MK or the Huck... another abortion question... how do you persuade dems to vote for you?  MK says it's time to invoke the 5th and 14th amendments to the constitution..Says the child has rights...

BB to RP...why are you quick to blame the his plan on how to defeat ISIS.. he's been fighting Clinton and GOP...he points on ISIS is riding around in US Humvees..

MK to JK on Medicaid expansion.... MK uses JK's reference against him in a mocking way.. again it's about her and not the issue, she could learn a lot from Bill and Martha from the first debate, JK goes over his record... I don't know if he answered the question...he goes over his resume to the hometown crowd..  The only thing missing was GO CAVS!

CW on JB being soft on illegals... JB looks like a school boy on the first day of school.. anyway JB talks about his book?  E-verify, sanctuary cities, much to do, says next president must fix it, uh oh he goes over his time..

CW to DT on the Mexican Government on the criminals...CW baits DT to smack JB on immigration..DT if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be talking about it CW, DT defends his comments, smacks dishonest political reporters, goes over building a wall, legally, KEEP ILLEGALS OUT!

CW where's the evidence? DT I was at the border patrol.. DT is right, leaders our stupid, our politicians our stupid, big reaction from the crowd..

So, far DT wins,,,

hey a commercial featuring a dog, go Verizon..a Tom Hanks Movie, aren't they all the same, oh an ad smacking the Supreme Court!

Back to the Debate

CW asks JK to smack DT, he declines.. CW moves to MR, he tells us the Mexicans are not the most folks coming here illegally, he talks about the legal immigrants that get hosed..MR gets a polite reaction..

CW goes to SW on changing his mind on the path to citizenship...SW says he listened to the people, says the border needs to be secured, international criminals are penetrating our southern border

CW goes to Facebook then to TC, do you support Kate's Law and defund Sanctuary Cities, TC says he authored Kate's Law, TC opens up about Mitch McConnell blocking the move, TC says Washington Cartel support amnesty, calls out several on the panel who supported amnesty..

MK looks to entice CC to smack RP over terrorism... CC goes over what happened 911, speaks about protecting the homeland, RP looks to go after big chris errr CC

RP starts yelling about the 4th amendment, shakes his finger, CC says his answer is ridiculous, they begin shouting at each other, accuses RP of blowing hot air in a committee.  Gee I bet Fox wanted DT to be in the fight, but this is good, RP goes low by mentioning CC's hug of the Big O, otherwise known as POTUS...

Back to the MK Show, errr the FOP debate, oh let's go to a Facebook Video, to TC,,how would you destroy ISIS in 90 days, TC says we will not defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism if POTUS cannot say their name, TC calls the foreign policy nonsense in reference to giving the folks in Iraq jobs, TC says if you join ISIS, you're going down. TC mentions the Crusades..

MK to do you look at your brother's war was a mistake?  are these slappys auditioning for CBS News?  JB discusses what he did as FLA Governor, JB stumbles on what to do about ISIS, where's James Baker?

MK to SW, who's are greatest friend in the Middle East?  SW recalls his visit to Saudi Arabia, says we're leading from behind..

MK to BC, would you bring back water boarding... hey he's back..BC says he's not going to tip his hand, there's no politically correct war, Carson doesn't believe in fighting stupid wars,

BB to DT on formerly on single payer system, DT says he was against the war, he predicted the demise of the Middle East, talks about a private system for healthcare, the insurance companies are making a fortune, uh RP starts yelling at DT, DT says RP is having a tough time tonight.

BB goes over DT's donations to the Libs.. all of a sudden most of the GOP Candidates ask for money, Clinton went to his wedding because he donated to her campaign.. SW jumps in, says HC is the real problem..

BB to MH, is the government too big to shrink?  MH goes over how the politicians are bought and paid for, says state's need to have more power, says pass the fair tax and get rid of the IRS.. BC says we need to change the tax system based on tithing..

I have to say, there's a lot more spunk in this debate than the first...

BB to JB, uh oh.. the Common Core Question... watch out Jebbah it's a trap!  JB says the feds should not be involved in curriculum, should be left up to the states, hmmm I wonder what Tom Luna thinks of JBs comments, JB talks about the voucher program'

BB to MR, why is JB wrong about Common Core?  MR smacks department of ed to force mandates, JB says states should be able to opt out of Common Core, kids are going to suffer if kids are not educated..

Break 2...

MK brings us back...CW explains the mini rounds...

CW to JK, how will you handle HC, JK says his daddy was a mailman?  anyway he goes his record in congress, talks about economic growth,  I don't think he's answering the question, he's animated, next...

CW to BC, same question, BC says he doubts HC will be the candidate, says she counts people being useful idiots, wow, BC says he believes in smart people,

CW To JB: How are you going to grow the economy 4%, JB says fix tax code, get rid of Obama Care, embrace the energy industry, there's the bell

CW To SW: why should voters believe you on the economy...SW touts his record, he seems very calm in his answers, people not the government create jobs,

CW goes to MH and CC, about Social Security and Medicare.. is MH lying.. again another attempt to provoke a fight between the GOP Candidates..CC talks about raising the retirement age..needs test Social Security..

CW to MH explain to CC about the Fair Tax, MH discusses that 90% of the country is dependent on Social about congress changing their retirement program, points out that Social Security was robbed by Obama Care,

CC explains the robbing and stealing of Social Security has already taken place, MH says fund Social Security from dividends, stocks, consumption tax...

CW goes to DT, goes over the Trump Business Record... declared bankruptcy four times, with that record, why should we trust you?  DT, I have used the laws in this country to do the best for my country and my employees, the difference when someone else uses those laws it's not news, DT is animanted...

CW continues to go after DT on the economy... ahh the switch...funny no one gets the extensive follow up..DT goes on about leaving Atlantic City, DT says he'll straighten out the national debt, calls lenders killers...

CW to MR, what would you do to make the economy favorable to small businesses?  MR says small companies are struggling, reform small business taxes, improve higher ed, repeal Dodd Frank, 40% small banks wiped out since Dodd Frank..

Ohhh time for BB on Iran, shocking no questions for DT on the slots machines,  BB goes to SW... he recalls the 1979 Hostage Crisis, BB goes to RP.. says Obama gave up too much too early, BB to MH, MH says POTUS vilifies everyone who disagrees with him, we got nothing, mentions the four hostages, good call HUCK!

Break 3...

Here comes the Social Issues...

Gee the dummies brought us back late...we totally missed the question to JB from MK,,, what the heck FOX....

MK to MR, he corrects MK for getting her facts wrong... uh oh, where's the google?  MR says every human being is entitled to protection from the law,

MK to DT, goes over DT's record as a Lib, when did you become a republican?  another loaded question, I am pro life, I'm in business, I hate the concept of abortion, reveals a personal story that changed his mind, DT smacks JB for W's record,,

MK asks JB that he called DT names, JB denies it, he says he wants everyone to win, JB seems like he'd be a great parliamentarian, DT responds to JB, says he's a gentleman, DT defends his tone, goes over how bad it is, we don't have time for tone, we have to get the job done.

MK hits JK with the gay same sex marriage question, how would you explain to your kid if they're gay, JK says he's not down with same sex marriage, but did go to a gay marriage recently, JK is trying really, really hard,,,

MK asks RP about protecting Christians against the government invading the church, he's says that it's time to resist,

MK to SW, about black lives matter.. SW says it's all about training.. in use of force, support law enforcement,  time for another break... Let's hope Fox get's us back on time... foreign policy is next.. hmmm a commercial for straight out of Compton..

BB to DT on the Iranian visiting the Russians, DT reviews the foreign policy,says we have people in DC that don't know what they're doing, if Iran was a stock you should go out and buy it, DT mentions Bergdahl

BB to TC, have Russia and China committed acts of Cyber War?  TC says they have, we need a new commander in chief,

BB to BC on the crossed Syrian Red Line, BC explains how the military has shrunk under the big O, BC doesn't answer the question in a long confusing way.

BB to SW, SW has the line of the night by stating that Russia and China know more about Clinton's emails than Congress, he specifically goes over what he would do to strengthen the military,

BB to MH on the transgender movement, MH replies that the military's job is to protect America, doesn't understand how paying for a transgender operation serves the national defense,

BB to RP on cutting aid to Israel, RP tells the crowd he'd take a meat axe to foreign aid to countries who hate us, we shouldn't borrow money to pay for aid to our enemies, we cannot give away money we don't have

CC agrees with BC, strengthen the military specifically, absolutely we need to fund Israel, TC asks to jump in, they decline..break time again...

Final Moments...

MK has God spoken to you?

TC I'm blessed to receive the world of God everyday from scripture..candidly talks about his father's conversion... points out that he's a consistent conservative,

JK says he believes in miracles, doesn't really answer the question, JK shows it's been awhile since he's been at this level, I'm lost,,,

SW reveals he's a flawed man, and doesn't respond when people attack him personally.

MK switches gears by asking MR about the veteran's and God.

MR says we're blessed with great GOP candidates, MR salutes the veterans...

Bad Call that the Fox Slappys missed the big question about the state of veterans... perhaps too much time focusing on gotcha questions...

MK to BC about race, BC says it's time to move beyond race, we are the united states not the divided states..

Closing Time

JK goes over his impressive congressional run and reminds us that he's the governor of Ohio...Cheap Heat that he has to continue to mention Ohio to get the crowd going.

CC candidly talks about how his dad worked and went to college at night, touts his record in New Jersey..respected not loved

RP, I'm a different kind of republican...reminds everyone how he went to Detroit, Chicago,Ferguson,

MR... speaks about his parents history, dad was a bartender, he wants the American Dream to be expanded...a new American Century

TC first day rescind Obama's executive action, prosecute Planned Parenthood, cancel Iran deal, I will keep my word...

BC says he's hopeful, great lines about being a surgeon,,

MH: Describes HC...not DT, throws crowd for a loop, one nation under God

SW: I'm a guy with a Harley, it's not too late for America

JB: believes this is the greatest time to be alive, we're not protecting entitlement system, we can fix these things

DT: we don't win anymore, we can't beat Mexico, we can't do anything right, we have to make our country great again and I will do that!

Oh my, it's over... Join us tomorrow morning as we discuss your reaction to the debate beginning at 5am on 580KIDO