Day 5 of "Miller's Mission" to gather one-thousand turkey donations for the Boise Rescue Mission to get them through the holiday season and beyond. Kevin is living in a Nelson's RV camp trailer in front of WalMart on Garrity until tomorrow night. Today's guests: 6:35am - Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland has the latest on the presidential candidates;  7:am - Dr. Joseph Castleberry, President of Northwest University and author of the book, "The New Pilgrims: How Immigrants Are Renewing America's Faith And Values";  7:35am - Tonya J Powers of Fox News Radio reports MA's AG is trying to stop fantasy sports / online gambling; 8:am - Best selling author (and brother of a well-known radio talk show host) David Limbaugh discusses his new book, "The Emmaus Code: Finding Jesus in the Old Testament".