Kevin looks at the FCC's look at local newsrooms.  He advocates for the 1st Amendment and takes calls on the issue.  Kevin details a law suit involving a man suing over bad mashed potatoes.


Kevin takes a look at a few issues.  He starts the hour with an update on the Filer dog shooting.  Kevin then takes another look at the 'add the words' protesters at the capitol building.


Fox News Radio's Jared Halpern updates Kevin about the White House Reaction to the violence in the Ukraine.  Kevin asks whether we should trust the FCC to police the news.  Kevin suggests they should start with CNN and MSNBC.


Kevin interviews intelligence expert Kerry Patton.  They look at the Ukraine, Russia, and veterans support projects.  Kerry examines what's next in Afghanistan and what that means to the Bergdahl Family.


Retired Army Lt. Col Jeff Addicott joins Kevin updating the Bowe Bergdahl situation.  Kevin takes calls from listeners concerning the 'add the words' campaign.  The AG Gag bill is discussed.


Kevin takes on the 'Add the Words' Campaign.  He shares the latest Jimmy Fallon video with the first lady calling young people knuckleheads.  Kevin praises Kuna and the community for supporting injured high school football player Boone Bartlome.


Kevin and Dave take a look at office politics and debate if one's political views ever carry over to office politics.  They review Kevin's Hotlist and Dave gives a negative review of Two and a Half Men.  Kevin gives details about the FCC going after newsrooms across the country.