Ready for spring already? Sort of me too, but if winter hits us for a little bit longer I’ll accept it. Till then, you can still curl up with a fun, adventure-style book that’s “got food in it.”

Here’s a sample of the first book in the “Appetite for Idaho” series, all about Folks, Food, and Fun:

The greatest shortcut I can pass on to someone first encountering Idaho is the visual of a giant, steaming, buttery bowl of mashed potatoes at a dinner table laden with friendly, yet hungry, people.

Envision the chef, someone well-versed at providing hearty meals, telling you to help yourself, and then adding a phrase I’ve heard at many an Idaho dinner: “If you starve, it’s your own darn fault.”

Although it’s called the Gem State, and for good reason (it hosts over 200 different types of minerals and semiprecious gems), in my mind, it’s also the “help yourself” state. If you’re not loving it, you’re probably not making the effort to help yourself. The beauty, adventures, and welcome are all right there, but a lot of the time, you’ve got to step up, dish up, and put a heaping portion onto your plate.

The other thing about Idaho is that it’s eclectic. When a beta reader commented on how these stories in any particular order, she immediately added that this seemed so appropriate, “just like Idaho.” How true that is, in the state where you’ll find a single-wide trailer home situated across the highway from a multimillion dollar country mansion, and rugged mountains just minutes away from cities or farmland.

There’s more.

If you’ve got a short attention span, this is the place for you. Within twenty-four hours you’ll get sunshine, a sprinkle of rain, intensely hot weather, then torrential rain, and maybe a little hail or an unexpected burst of gale-force winds, just because Idaho can. Another well-known fact is that it’s completely possible to boat, golf, and snow ski, all in the same day, and you won’t have to travel far to do it, either.

The heart of it, though, was described best by a Korean exchange student. My family and I had climbed Table Rock near Boise one day, and at the top, a group of high school seniors were giving a goodbye party to a young Korean boy. When asked what he liked best about Idaho, he stood near the edge of Table Rock overlooking the entire Treasure Valley with its sunny, cornflower-blue sky backdrop, held his arms out wide, and said:


His city of origin did not have these wide-open skies, only tall buildings blocking out sunlight.
“This,” he said again, holding out his arms and looking around, “this is what I’m going to miss.”
Idaho’s very geography encourages souls to expand, to dream, to imagine, and, ultimately, to dare to live a larger life than they otherwise might have, had they not encountered this gem of a state.

That’s what Idaho has done for me.

So go. Dream. Dare.

Grab your fork, help yourself, and dig in.

*You can find the rest of “Appetite for Idaho” in e-book form on Amazon.

Have a FUN week!


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Idaho Day 2015
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