Germany's defeat of Brazil in the World Cup yesterday was historic.  Even Mr. Anti Soccer, Kevin Miller, was impressed.  While the world discusses Soccer; the Kevin Miller Hotlist keeps you informed about what's trending now.

The country of Brazil cannot fathom how their Soccer team was beaten seven to one yesterday.  Are the Germans unbeatable?  Here's the background of yesterday's big win from the Washington Post.

There is no incentive for illegal immigrants to comply with federal immigration laws says the Washington Times.

Nothing is sacred to the ISIS terrorist.  They have attacked the tomb of the prophet Jonah according to the Daily Mail.

Sun Valley is once again the home for the most richest and powerful folks in the world.  Just what do they do while they're in Idaho?  Here's the 'official' agenda from Deadline.

Speaker of the House John Boehner will sue the president but will not impeach him says the Washington Post.

She's the darling of the left.  Even at the age of eighty one, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is the most reliable liberal vote on the Supreme Court.  So why are some libs saying it's time for her to go?  The background and possibly what's next from the Hill.

The NSA and the FBI have been monitoring five Americans for years without warrants.  Find out why from the Intercept.

It's the gun rights crowd verses the gun control crowd over a bill that would help veterans get quicker access to firearms used for hunting reports roll call.

The president refuses to go to the border.  He's rather play pool with the governor of Colorado.  At least one Democratic Congressman is upset according to national review.

Let's end on a lighter note about dogs.  Here are the expert picks for the five most dramatic breeds from Yahoo.