You know the famous line, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'  However has that line ever resonated with the public?  Most people consider it a joke, which is what the new nutritional standards for the school lunch program have become.  First Lady Michele Obama has made childhood obesity her cause.  We all know that because every school in the country is trying to 'adjust' to the new USDA food standards.  Unfortunately, it's not working.

By the way, whatever happened to the White House Garden?  Never mind, the real issue here is that schools across the country cannot meet the new government standards for school lunches.  In Nebraska  local schools cannot serve Turkey because the sodium level is too high.  Schools in Missouri and Alabama are so fed up they're dropping the program.

It's not just the schools saying no to the food police.  Over one million students have decided to opt out of buying school lunches.  The customers are not happy in spite of the 'good intentions.'  Odd that we've not seen this the mainstream media.

What about local schools?  Could we see a rebellion here?  Not likely, according a published report, which stated that the feds reimburse one district over seven million dollars of their over nine million dollar school lunch budget.  That's a lot of Tofu!  One listener emailed me that Subway has been given the boot from a weekly treat to once a month because of the standards.  So much for eat fresh.

The feds, republicans or democrats, like to get local governments hooked on the money and then dictate behavior.  Most schools cannot afford to give up the money to feed the kids.  The details indicate that less kids are getting fed.  If more schools opted out that would be a huge embarrassment to the administration.

What needs to happen is that the first lady show true leadership and admit the standards are unreachable.  Eliminate the mandates and have hearings on Capitol Hill.  Invite all the big stars of fitness to focus the attention on childhood obesity.  Let's empower the kids that they can lose weight without big government.

Speaking of the government, the administration needs to focus on the real problems threatening are country.  Talk about misplaced priorities, the White House has a more consistent policy on counting calories than ISIS, ISIL, Russia, etc....How did we ever survive without a sodium count for a Turkey Sandwich?

By trying to 'help' schools, the calorie counters from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have given us all a case of national indigestion.