I've had the pleasure of working with Ryan French (Hotel Ryan) for over three years.  I wanted to take the time to thank him for his outstanding work behind the scenes during our remote broadcasts.  Ryan woke up early (sometimes as early as 2:30am) many mornings to make sure The Kevin Miller Show was ready to go when we hit the airwaves at 5AM.

Today is Ryan's last day as he will be leaving for basic training on Wednesday.  Instead of enjoying the holidays, Ryan will be learning how to fire his M16, the merits of the gas chamber, and other challenges that men and women face through daily military training.  I applaud his efforts and his commitment to Idaho and his country.  We will keep Ryan in our thoughts and prayers.  I hope to share his address with you so we can all keep him informed while he's away from Idaho.

The radio business is very demanding.  Anyone who witnesses our live broadcasts know that technical issues happen and other problems.  Ryan kept his cool which is not the easiest thing to do.  I want to thank him for his great work, his humor, and his sarcasm.  He truly represents what thousands of young people choose to do every day.  They put others before themselves.

So to Ryan and all the others who volunteer to serve our country.  Thank You!  You may not be home for the holidays, but you are certainly home in our hearts!