The buildup sounds more like a WCW, UFC, or WWE match instead of GOP Debate.   Here's why you should join us this Thursday Night beginning at 7pm at Angell's Bar and Grill.    Donald Trump called Senator Marco Rubio 'Little Marco' today on Fox News Sunday.  Senator Rubio referred to Donald Trump as 'that con man.'  Not to be left behind, Senator Cruz accused Mr. Trump of having ties to organized crime.  Do we really need to hear from Governor Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson?

Angell's will once again host our debate watch party which is hosted by our network Fox News.  580 KIDO will once again carry the debate, the only station in the Treasure Valley to broadcast any of the presidential debates.  We invite you to join us at Angell's, watch the debate and join us on the air for our exclusive post debate show that will air on 580 KIDO immediately following the debate.

Angell's has developed a special menu featuring excellent food items that match your favorite candidate.  All at an affordable price of 9.99., I really appreciate the ownership and staff at Angell's, they work hard and it will be another great night.  So why not vote with your stomach and intellect?  For reservations call 342-4900 to reserve your seats now!