This Thursday Night at 7pm it's our Great GOP Debate Watch Party at Mickey Ray's.  Check out the 10 questions that will be answered this Thursday Night.. 

1. It's a rematch of the Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly.  (Yes, we all know they're other moderates, but we're all watching Kelly and Trump.)

2. It's the last debate before the Iowa Caucuses.  Will someone breakout or will it be the Cruz/Trump Show?

3.  Join us at Mickey Ray's for our debate watch party.  Lots of fun and like minded folks that care about the issues.  Plus great BBQ!

4.  Will Senator Rubio surprise folks based on his endorsement by the Des Moines Registrar?

5.  How will the Donald handle the big stage?  Experts say if he wins Iowa, it could be all over for the rest of the GOP Field.

6.  How does Senator Cruz handle the multiple attacks from Trump and the Establishment?

7.  Could we see a Howard Dean/Dick Gephardt moment?  Remember back in 2000 when they both attacked each other and John Kerry won Iowa and the rest is history.

8.  Will Fox News be a friend or a foe to the GOP Field?  Remember the criticism leveled at the Network after their last debate.

9.  580 KIDO is the only Treasure Valley Media Outlet carrying the debate.  (Yes I know it's not a question!)

10.  Will the winner of the debate, win Iowa?  Let's find out together Thursday at Mickey Ray's.

Please call 343-RIBS, that's 343-7427 to reserve your seat.  It doesn't cost you anything and you'll be sure to have a seat at the table.