Why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie believes he's the next president of the United States.  Governor Chris Christie became the fourteenth Republican to declare his candidacy for the White House.  He touted his ability to work with both sides, balance state budgets and reform the state education's tenure program as some of his qualifications to lead the nation.

Christie told the story of how his parents and grandmothers had influenced his life.  He noted how strong women have made him the person he is today.  "I believe they're looking down on us right now.  They gave everything they had for their families, and I benefited from their love."  The New Jersey Governor spoke about how his father worked full time while attending and then graduating from Rutgers University in six years.

The pugnacious politician said he would tell the truth and inspire the country.  "We need to realize that we can make a difference in this country, he said.   Every morning I wake up with the ability to do something great.  I am now ready to fight for the people of the United States of America."

The former US Attorney explained that his campaign would be about big ideas, hard truths and real opportunities for the American People.  Christie is not the final candidate to declare his intentions.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is expected to announce soon.  Ohio Governor John Kasich will make his official announcement July 21st.