Grazing has become commonplace in our society, and it contributes to a massive intake of empty and unused calories. We were designed to graze but that was for a very different time when food was scarce.  The best way to stop this bad habit is to become more aware of when you do it.  Keeping a food journal is a great way to identify your habits—both good and bad.  Take note of when you’re mindlessly snacking along with what you were doing and thinking at the time.  Now that you’re aware of your patterns it’s time to ‘stop, challenge and choose’.  That means stop what you’re doing, challenge yourself to change the habit and choose something better.  Here’s an example:  you get home from work famished and graze on cereal, chips or crackers while surveying what you can make for dinner.  How about choosing something different to ‘fill the void?’  Try filling up and keeping busy with a nice big glass of sugar-free lemonade.  It’s refreshing and will make you feel full until you’re able to prepare something healthy for dinner. CLICK HERE FOR LAST WEEKS SHOW