Photo Courtesy Kevin Miller

Who in there right mind would steal a puppy from the Canyon County Animal Shelter.  The shelter is a shining example of staff, volunteers, and board members working together to provide homes for God's little and big creatures of unconditional love.  The shelter told KTVB that someone stole a four month old puppy Katy last week.  (Click the link for pictures of the Dachshund Terrier mix.)  The shelter security cameras did not pick up the puppy bandit. Who in there right mind would steal a puppy from a non profit shelter that saves 99% of the animals that are brought in.  Remember when the sheriff's office ran the shelter the kill rate was 60%.

I pray every night that the shelter succeeds and that all their residents find forever homes.  I'm looking forward to living at the shelter to help promote their good works later this year.  This will be my third year living at the shelter.  Every year I'm more and more impressed with the sacrifice involved in maintaining that safe haven.  The shelter has been recognized nationally by Rachel Ray and the ASPCA.

It time for all of us to continue to help CCAS by making sure Katy returns and can be placed in her forever home.  I highly doubt anyone who would steal a puppy would provide a solid and stable home.  Also if you're looking for a great tax deduction, please consider donating to the Canyon County Animal Shelter.  Every dollar helps save lives.  I'm so proud of our great family of listeners who donated over a thousand pounds of cat food and over a thousand dollars during Kevin's Kennel.

Let's hope and pray that whoever took Katy will find their right frame of mind and do the right thing.