Last week we saw the Idaho Legislature pull a fast one while most of us we're sleeping.  Thanks to their mismanagement, we will pay more for gasoline and vehicle registrations.  When will the politicians listen to the people that elect them?  Are our Washington Politicians different?

Join me this week as we travel to Washington DC to find out.  I've invited all of our members of the delegation to speak to you directly.  We'll go to their offices to find out what they do daily while representing you.  They've been offered the opportunity and we'll find out if they accept.  (My hope is that we'll get an unvarnished view of what happens daily.)

While in DC, we'll be part of a fact finding mission on the effects of illegal immigration.  Experts from across the country will join us to share their firsthand experiences.  Wednesday is the filing deadline for taxes and we'll make sure you get an audit of what the federal government is doing with your money.

Finally I'll do my very best to bring you the best photos and videos from our nation's capitol.  Check our facebook and twitter feeds for the latest news from DC.