He was only forty-three years old and died for what he believed in; protecting all of us.  Police Officer Greg Moore was laid to rest Saturday in front of over thirty-eight hundred people at Lake City High School.  Moore died in the line of duty.  He will be remembered for his friendship and big personality.

Officer Moore was a husband and a father.  Words cannot express the sorry that we have for his wife Lindy on Mother's Day.  She lost a hero, a husband, and a father.  Prayer and the public's support will help her get through this tragedy.  We wish her all of God's Graces.  Several folks have already pitched in with final donations for the Moore Family.  Donate here if you would like to help.

The best way to honor Greg is to start to change withing ourselves.  The next time we see a member of law enforcement, why not thank them for what they do.  Without their sacrifice, we would still be living in the 'Wild West.'  I know, no one likes getting a ticket but let's remember the police are just like us.  They have dreams for their families.  Hope for a better day.  The difference is they're protecting us when the wolf is at the door.

So on this Mother's Day that we take the time to thank our Moms for all that they do.  Let's start a simple movement to thank law an officer for their service, sacrifice, and protection.