Summer is the time for getting away.  However, the challenges of homelessness, drug abuse, and the needy do not take vacations.    We're blessed that charitable giving is so prevalent during the fall holiday season.  Our goal is to raise awareness and donations during the off time for donations.   This is the second annual Miller's Summer Mission at the Nampa Walmart.  I'll be living here til Saturday at 6pm.  My goal is to bring in items that most of us take for granted: new underwear, new razors, and sunscreen.

Did you know that while most of us are counting vacation days, shelters like the Boise Rescue Mission see an influx of women and children?  Once school has ended, it's easier for them to leave abusive relationships.  More people, mean more money at City Light and the Valley Home For Women and Children.  Here's where you make a difference.

Your donations of the items mentioned above along with cash and food will provide a haven for mothers to protect their children.  We've heard the many stories of lives that were seemingly lost until they entered the Boise Rescue Mission New Life Program.

Please consider making a difference today and join our Mission!

Donate online now by clicking here or stop by the Walmart on Garrity and Franklin in Nampa.