Are you ready!  Here we go!.. The intros have begun and no Pankey or Pro Life?  What's up with that?  Thanks IPTV for telling us what the governor's office does... How would we ever know without their explanation?  Your tax dollars at work!  Okay it's now down to three.  OH boy, that looks like a lively panel!

Ouch... AJ smacks Butch about cronyism and then introduces himself.  He's wearing glasses...He's created jobs and runs good schools.  Look for him to attack Butch on his attack ads... Uh Oh, AJ is cutoff.

Here's John Bujak... He smacks both candidates as supporters of common core and obamacare... Short and concise..

Butch opens up with a gravely voice and thanks everyone...He touts his record as the best ever... He's up to six good reasons why we're the best ever... He let's everyone know about his record.  He'll play defense tonight.

First question... your proposals on education, transportation has gone nowhere... what's your legacy... wow, what a loaded question!  Butch asks how long the reporter has been in Idaho... He acknowledges setbacks... Butch looks more comfortable than at the channel 7 deal...Butch says he wants to build bridges... still missing Pankey...

Strange public tv let in walt and harley and no pro life or pankey..

Next question AJ... You've never served,,,, why don't they ask short questions?  AJ slaps Butch when asked about working with republicans.  When will Butch respond to any barbs?  AJ get's a follow up?  Why don't all the candidates get the same questions?  AJ says he'd build bridges.. What's with the bridges...

Here comes John Bujak... I miss Dan Popkey!  This panel has no star power...  John says the media puts people in a box...Both parties are the same... Butch is caught smiling off camera.  Look for him to jump in soon.  It's who he is!  John Bujak goes Russ Fulcher on the lands issue.  He goes after special interest.. growing small businesses..  He sounds like a republican.

Here it comes... the trust follow up questions... he says why does he get the scandal question instead of the governor...John blames the good ole boys!

Butch gets the CCA question?  Why not more than a million?  Butch says the reporter is wrong and he removed himself from the settlement.

Butch smacks the reporter for her multiple for FOYA requests... Butch starts asking the reporters questions... the moderator jumps in and Butch rolls on... He says he ordered the FBI to investigate.

AJ attacks Butch and says the buck stops with Butch, Butch says the settlement was not as much as AJ spends on his campaign.  Butch responds and AJ knows different... Butch wags his finger at AJ...SHAME ON YOU AJ.. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN THAT...WOW

AJ gives his take on private prisons.. Is John Bujak a potted plant?  He needs to jump in!  AJ needs to go back to fighting with Butch... Here comes John Bujak.. He says the government doesn't doing anything well... Wants to change the judges...  Who needs common sense.. we want action!

John Bujak gets the CCA question... calls the settlement premature.. Butch says a good lawyer would read the entire deal and get's in Bujak's face waving his hands... !!!

Butch gets another CCA question... this is not good.  Is it a case of incompetence or coverup!  'you know better than that Rocky,' says Butch!  Butch points his finger at Rocky... John Bujak says the government cannot investigate himself... Butch calls in mumbo jumbo!  He's very animated...

AJ gets the internet question about the Idaho Education Network, he says it will cost the state 11 million dollars..Butch touts his education program.. shakes his finger again at AJ... He's very animated... thank goodness... it's exciting...The moderated is dropping the ball.  She's letting Butch filibuster and get the last word on everything.!  John says we're not talking about child support, we're talking about you're incompetence..

Butch is asked about education.  AJ says 95 school districts have had to pass supplemental levies.  He cites all the programs that have been cut.  "We are not obeying the constitutional mandate."  Butch responds that it's refreshing that AJ cares about the constitution.  He says we're number 4 in the nation when it comes to general funding of students.  He responds to levies...

The governor says depressed property values have impacted funding.  AJ says 1 penny sales tax was a tax increase.  He says we are 100 million dollars short of the funding levels.

AJ gets the levy question...He says temporary funding is not the solution.  AJ says he will eliminate waste.  He urges a priority change.  Says 100 million dollars could have gone to schools... John B gets the school funding issue.  He says he will improve the economy and cut corrections spending...  He says cut administration..and brings up common core.  Says Butch repackages rejected ideas.

AJ says school buildings need to be repaired.  Says we should look at the super majority requirement for bond votes.  I believe we are lost in the details of school funding... Can we get back to Butch waving his hands at everyone?

Alright, back to Butch and he get's the Luna Law questions... I missed the question... too much detail... keep it simple...prop one, 350 million dollars, does anyone have a slide ruler?   Is is me, or have we talked nonstop about education for most of this debate?

AJ says the governor never attended the education task force, says only one teacher and too many legislators.  He brings up the tiered certification program.  (It is a loser in my opinion.  Then again, you didn't ask for it... my bad)

Butch responds to AJ, he says the task force is listening to people.  AJ says teachers want accountability.  Butch defends the proposed tiered legislation.  Butch says it's a work in progress.

AJ and John do not support the tiered program and the governor does.  For the record and for you keeping score at home.  Finally a question to Butch on the economy.  Uh oh, Butch goes back to education.

Butch says we are the fifth fastest growing economy in the nation.  He says project 60 work.  Butch addresses the low wage issue.  He says the household income is way up in the middle of the pack.  Here comes AJ..  He says we are not the fifth fastest growing economy..  He says we're barely getting by...

John B wants access to the lands.  He wants logging and mining jobs.  He says congress should help Idaho get its lands back.  AJ says the feds pay 400 million dollars to manage the lands.  Gee, six minutes left... have we learned anything?  Don't forget, Governor Otter will join us tomorrow morning at 8am.

Butch defends the Idaho Economy...  He calls AJ Balukoff... They spar about a company moving to Indiana.  They disagree on whether business will move... Butch says Bujak is right about the lands...  Oh wow, we have another 32 minutes...

AJ is asked, if elected, how will he sell Idaho to employers... He says ... we will not make any progress until the schools get off the bottom.  He says schools have to prepare the kids for life after high schools.  Improving schools will improve the economy.

The governor takes a ten second question and continues on past the ten.  He says high paying jobs are coming.  John B says building small businesses.  AJ says properly funding schools and ending Butch's plan.  The question was how to bring high paying jobs to Idaho.

John B answers the need for infrastructure.  He says having the money to fix roads involves stimulating the economy.  AJ says the governor doesn't have the authority to raise taxes.  He says we cannot ignore deferred maintenance.

Here comes Butch on transportation.  He reminisces about asking for an increase in the gas tax.  He calls AJ Balukoff.. Butch says something about a frog err fog line.  He corrects one of the reporters.  John B says adjust the model for revenue can be adjusted.  He urges outside the box thinking.

Great question from the moderated about an increase in the gas tax.. Butch and Bujak seem to be bonding.. Butch says he will not take money out of the general fund for roads.  He says he's a hunter and like to hunt and fish.  Uh AJ, demands he answer the question.. he says there's no free lunch.

OH BOY, what would AJ do about ADD the WORDS?  He says refusing to add the words is hurting Idaho.  He's in favor of adding the words.  Here comes Butch.. This is a winner for Butch..  He says he met with the add the words folks... He can't call a hearing.. Cites the hiding in the closets... A great answer.. by Butch on that one...  John B says there should be a hearing.

John B steals the stage by mentioning religious conservative.  He urges a dialogue.  Here comes the gay marriage issue.. Another winner for Butch, he says he will not surrender to a few folks in black robes.  He defends spending 90gs on defending traditional marriage.  John B gets the marriage question.  He says government should get out of marriage.  He says a better argument would have been a state's rights issue.  AJ responds that judges have said that the state's ban on gay marriage violates the constitution.

AJ compares Butch to a Arkansas governor who fought for segregation in 1954.  Butch says AJ doesn't understand it.  Butch quotes the 10th amendment.  AJ responds with the 14th amendment.

John B gets the indignant care question.  He reports on a program that is effective in Washington State.  AJ gives his take on uninsured people.  He's in favor of medicaid expansion.  Butch says we are not going to have a government run program..

AJ starts the closing.  Goes over his accomplishments... He slaps the governor one last time.  Call Butch and absentee governor.  Idaho deserves better.  Schools and good paying jobs.  Wants trust in government.

John B says do not give up hope.  He says voters can make a difference and your vote counts.  He reports he has a practical plan.  Make a statement and bring friends to the polls.

Butch thanks the reporters for their piercing questions.  He cites his record of guiding the state out of the recession.  He says strength of government is in the home.

Coming who won?  Join us tomorrow morning and vote on our poll!