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Gee, no one asked about Common Core, the lands issue, etc...oh well, wait they're fighting again about AJ not raising taxes...

Closing comments... Mr. Panky blesses channel 7 and the state of Idaho.

AJ says the governor is out of touch and he's decimated our schools.  He wants you to take critical steps to improve Idaho.  He will work hard, tell the truth, and put people first.

Governor Otter thanks everyone and says the source of Idaho's greatness is the citizens themselves.

AJ says what has the governor done to own a third term.  He says he would not raise taxes.  His voice is raised about the ads against him and calls them lies.  Calls them sad and despicable.   Mr. Panky is back and quoting Einstein..  He says the governor's agenda is ignorance and a concentration of power.

Here comes the challenger round... The governor is asked about the prison fight club..  The governor defends and says he didn't sign that contract.. He had nothing to do with it..

AJ explains how he would work with republicans if elected.  He believes common ground and common solutions will bring everyone together.  AJ says there are lots of reasonable people in the legislature.  AJ says the government is not a football team, but an orchestra.

Governor Otter is asked about working with his republicans.  The governor says he agrees with AJ on the legislature being made of reasonable people.  He transitions to the cost of transportation.  Governor Otter says this is it for him, if he ran again he would be a bachelor.

Mr. Panky says God helped the founding fathers and tells us about the constitution.  He says if elected he will be on his knees everyday asking God for his help.

Medicaid Expansion.. here we go... and it's only 843..Mr. Panky...he says agenda 21 reference.. and is opposed to expansion.. he reports that seven welfare zones that would take away uggghhh I'm lost.. let's move on to AJ..

AJ says we're already paying for people without insurance... He says were paying between 80-90 million dollars a year to cover the uninsured.  AJ says the feds would give us money back to help pay for the uninsured.

Governor Otter is back and says the legislature has to help him figure out the cost.  He says he would vote against the health exchange again.

Finally a question about tax incentives... Mr. Panky is against it, AJ is not a fan of it and switches gears about raising wages... He cites a wastewater treatment plant in Jerome so a Cheese Factory can expand... Boy do I miss Walt from Emmet..

Governor Otter brags about Air West coming to Idaho.  He specifically goes over the deal that brought them here and what they will pay in taxes.

AJ and the governor disagree on the minimum wage...AJ calls it a living wage and the governor calls it minimum wage.

Alright.. Mark Johnson brings up jobs... Finally the voice of reason...

What is your bringing jobs to Idaho?  Let's hear it bunky?

Governor Otter reports about the jobs he's brought to Idaho.  He talks about that Idaho was hard hit by the recession... He now says he worked hard to create CWI?  Did he?  The governor is talking about education... huh...

Mr. Panky says God will bless Idaho if we have an alliance with Israel.  He says Israel is our greatest ally.  Mr. Panky says China is the greatest threat to America.

AJ reflects on his business experience and switches gears to schools... What about attracting industry?  AJ says we need to fix our schools to get better jobs.

It's 832 and were still on EDUCATION..now we're on to charter schools?  I missed that one, wait there's the DVR...nevermind let's keep rolling..

Governor Otter says the deal was cut to benefit Boise... He calls AJ an accountant moving figures around... Isn't that what accountants do?  Governor Otter says Boise should give their money to other districts... Panky jumps in and says republican numbers are not the same and then goes to the land board... WHAT?

AJ says there was no special deal for Boise Schools in 2006.  Clearly education is his issue.  He says districts lost 260 million dollars...  He cites the history of the Boise School District.  AJ would support the repeal of the 2006 tax shift..  Local communities have control over local districts...

Dang..it's 823 and another question about education... AJ and Governor Otter debate funding for schools... Governor Otter debates AJ on funding... Governor Otter says 40 million dollars he invested has helped Idaho Schools..  Uh OH, Panky says schools are underfunded.. he quotes how the Empire State Building was built...What does that have to do with Idaho Schools?  He speaks about technical education...Wasn't the question about education funding?

Finally.. Mark Johnson asks AJ about raising taxes... AJ says the biggest lies are there's no money and he would raise taxes... AJ says there's money there... another follow up with no Panky.. AJ says he can fund education without raising taxes...

Here comes big Butch... he's very specific citing numbers defending his education budget.  He claims a lack of property value has caused a reduction in funds... I do like the line about it's not about me not liking the little kids Justin.. BAM!!!

AJ lays the smackdown about education funding.  Says we need the right priorities and funding to make it happen.  AJ says he would eliminate waste like defending lawsuits... He sites the broadband and prison lawsuits... OUCH...

Mr. Panky is back and this time he's asked about education.  He quickly says we need more female democrats on the land board.  I believe the question was about education funding... He says giving kids trades will keep them out of the court system... How insightful..

Mark Johnson asks about Gay Marriage. Governor Otter compliments him... The governor says "I'm not giving up on marriage... it's not over, he references a case in Louisiana.  Mr. Panky says same sex marriage is about decency..he says the people of Idaho have moved along... boy do I miss John Bujak... Panky...LET MY PEOPLE GO... Suddenly Panky could be the next Harley Brown...

AJ lectures the governor about discrimination.  I believe Governor Otter is the only one who has answered the question directly... AJ says it's over...

Here comes Mr. Panky... another reference to the voice... He now quotes John Wayne... and swats the governor for his response... Is it me, or did Panky answer the question...

Governor Otter smacks AJ about his opening with a joke...Governor Otter touts his record and says he wants to stay...Uh Jim Weatherbee is talking about the voice.. asks the candidates what's at stake... Here comes AJ... he tells us to vote...it's important...uh oh, we're in the bottom of education and jobs... he urges people to change course if they want a better life...Enough about the Voice...

Here comes the governor... brags about his task force and all the good it's done... can you feel the change?

Here comes AJ and he smacks the governor about schools... Can we say one issue candidate...sure schools are important, but are the only issue?

The intro to the candidates... Butch looks good, AJ is wearing a purple tie and who's the third guy from the constitutional party.  For those keeping score at home his name is Steve Panky.  Alright... Panky wins the opening statement intro... Uh Oh, Panky is reading straight from the podium... sounds exciting...he blesses channel 7 and Idaho..

So much for Son's Of Anarchy tonight on FX.  This better be good!  Although where is John Bujak?  He who owns the airwaves, makes the rules.  Are you excited?  Anything has to be the first debate of Idaho District One...